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Luxury Real Estate and Property Development Company

The Suvilas Experience


‘Suvilas’ was conceived by combining two words in Sanskrit: ‘Su’ which means ‘goodness’ and ‘Vilas’ which means ‘luxury’. Together, ‘Suvilas’ epitomises the ethos of our brand and what we aim to achieve will all of our projects: The Goodness of Luxury.

The creation of Suvilas was triggered by a need. The need for luxury homes without any compromise on quality. The need for transparency, which every buyer deserves. And, most importantly, the need for buildings which are more than just houses, the need for homes.

When Mr Chowdary, the founder of Suvilas, bought a home from a reputed builder, his disappointment with the sub-standard construction quality, untimely delivery and lack of transparency, triggered the need for change. In 2011, this change came in the form of Suvilas Properties and Construction Pvt Ltd. What began as a single man’s vision has evolved into a robust team of 200, where every member is a torchbearer of excellence and quality.