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Suvilas – The journey

Suvilas ; The Journey

2007: Our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Chowdary brought a home from a reputed developer in Bangalore and got cheated.

2008: Decided to float a quality oriented real estate and property development company.

2009: Visited 150 project sites across India to understand their standards and transparency.

2010: Research began by travelling to China, UK and Europe. After travelling 70,000kms by road in European countries decided to implement 100% European Standards from system formwork to finishes for all Suvilas projects.

2011: Brought 10 Acres of land. Incorporated Suvilas group of Companies and started setting up in-house departments.

2012-13: Plan began for the signature project and received all approvals. Bought European standard formwork, machineries and decided to launch the project post 30% project construction, model home completion and setting up Suvilas corporate office. The following was planned to showcase European Standards to the market. Branding across Middle Estate and Singapore was also carried out.

2013-14: Project construction started with own investment without pre-launching the project. Continued branding in Singapore, US and Middle East. Suvilas was certified as an ISO 9001:2008 company. Realty Plus awarded Suvilas Royal Gardenia among the Top 100 projects in India evaluated by CRISIL.

2014-15: Thousands of visitors visited the construction site and acknowledged our European approach, standards and stated that the project was one of a kind. 500+ Europeans visitors acknowledged our European approach and stated it is difficult to see such standards in even Europe. 800 builders from across India had visited our project site, acknowledged our European approach and stated they have not seen Suvilas standards in their lifetime. SBI funded 35 Crs, as an asset backed loan for the company.

2015-16: 25 Crs. worth European standard formwork and machineries were bought for present and future projects. Domestic branding on newspaper, radio and events were carried out. As decided initially, 30% of Suvilas Royal Gardenia project construction had been completed along with model home and corporate office.

2016-17: The signature project Suvilas Royal Gardenia is scheduled to be launched in 2017. Received all approvals for second project, Suvilas Palms and will be launched in 2017. Proposed third project Suvilas Classic, on Hosur Road will also be launched in 2017.

Our Strength

50 Crs of Investment, 160 Crs worth of land bank and 25Crs worth of plant and machineries, amounting to 235Crs (34 Million USD) even before launching signature project.


What started as a single man’s dream has, after years of unwavering commitment and passion, became a reality. Suvilas has successfully implemented all criteria set by CMD at the initial stage of the venture. Suvilas now, is a 200 member strong team with three landmark projects with a total built up of 1.5 Million Sqft. The estimated saleable value for all the three projects is Rs.1000 Crs ($149 million USD), with several more projects on the horizon.

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