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Luxury Real Estate and Property Development Company

Suvilas The Brand

A brand, in the true sense, is a perception. And perception, like goodwill, cannot be built overnight. We strive every single day to create an identity for Suvilas which we can be proud of. Today, after years of commitment, we can confidently say that we are proud of the way we are perceived. For homeowners, we are a benchmark of quality. For the team, we are providers of opportunity. And for the industry, we are the torchbearers of innovation.


Whilst most aspire to build luxury homes, our vision is to build luxury lifestyles.

Every day we strive to redefine the way of living and the idea of luxury. Our projects are testimonies of our endeavours.


Our mission is to be at the forefront of innovation by spearheading projects which, not only evolve into benchmarks for the industry, but also provide standards for ourselves. We are committed to building homes which are aesthetically attractive, functionally efficient and environmentally sound.

The Brand Ethos

There are those who create benchmarks and those who exceed them.

Team Suvilas spent five years researching and sourcing the perfect construction materials and technologies from across the world before embarking upon our first project. Creating benchmarks of excellence and exceeding them has gradually become part of our culture. Each one of us, in some form or the other, contributes in our quest for perfection in everything we do, every single day.


An idea is only as good as its implementation.

A company does not make good homes. The people behind the company do. We at Suvilas believe that every person in an organisation, irrespective of their place in the hierarchy, is integral and that every person contributes towards making a brand complete. We take extra care in handpicking only the best people to create a healthy and productive mix of people who will lift the company to innovative heights.


Because a quality home is but a by-product of the ingredients used in making it.

At Suvilas, procuring only the finest material, irrespective of its nature and use is not just a practice; it is a culture. Getting the right material for the right job has led our team to travel the world. It has made us partner with some of world’s biggest and most reputed companies. And most importantly, it has helped us make the homes just like we promise our customers. Perfect.


Every great idea is initially conceived on paper.

A great design begins life as a great idea. When we begin our designs, we keep only one thing in mind: how to build the most extraordinary homes for our patrons. To do this, we have undertaken extensive research. Our designs are a perfect blend of space, natural lighting, privacy and greenery to make not just houses, but to make homes.

The Pillars of our Foundation

Suvilas International and Domestic Events