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Our Partners

ABB Switzerland Worldwide

With headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB is the largest engineering company in the world and is a leader in power and automation technology. ABB offers solutions that optimise operational efficiency whilst minimising environmental impact. Energy efficient lighting and ventilation products are the key ABB products that are used in residential buildings. We use ABB’s wiring accessories, voltage motors and products which enable smart home solutions in order to create intelligent lighting and ventilation in all our projects.

Liebherr, Germany

A world leader in mobile cranes with telescoping or lattice booms, Liebherr’s powerful, compact and easily manoeuvrable machines are designed to operate even in the most unfavourable conditions. Their ultra-modern German mobile-crane technology combines on-road and off-road operating requirements to create extremely flexible and efficient machines.

Basant Betons®, India

Flexible and perceptive to market needs, Basant Betons® produce an extensive range of superior grade landscaping products used in construction. The products are made to suit International ASTM/BIS/BS/EN and German Standards and offer the precision and accuracy needed in our projects.

Lucis, Czech

Lucis was established in 1999 with the single objective of creating quality lighting units inspired by the rich Czech tradition of manufacturing glass. The company is now thriving, with young, creative designers constructing both innovative and efficient products which quality conscious brands – like ourselves – are using to serve their entire lighting requirements.

Bosch, Germany

A market leader in automotive technology, consumer goods, and industrial technology, Bosch currently equips our construction sites with a complete range of power tools needed at different stages of construction such as metalwork, woodwork and concrete work. The comprehensive range of accessories that compliment these tools allow us an interruption-free workflow.

Cooperative Operai Cavatore Del Botticino, Italy

Founded in 1932, the Cooperativa Operai Cavatori del Botticino (Botticino Marble Workers Cooperative) is known for its advanced expertise and international acclaim in quarrying some of the most high-quality and stylish marble available. The marble we procure from Botticino allows us to ensure aesthetic consistency in pattern, colour variation and watermarks in all our projects.

Doka, Austria

The Doka Group is one of the world leaders at developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork systems technology in the construction sector. Their innovative and supreme-quality range of products and services allow us to employ a safer, faster, and a more efficient method of building.

Schuco, Germany

Schuco is known for its globally reputed and accepted thermal insulation, innovatively designed integrated ventilation and an array of products in the sphere of new generation windows. They blend functionality and aesthetics to create immense value for all our projects.

Dewalt, USA

Dewalt has earned a reputation for designing, engineering and building tough and durable industrial machinery. Their premium range of portable electric power tools, built in state-of-the-art engineering labs, ensures a much longer life than other similar products.

Sobha, India

Sobha has successfully carved a niche for itself in the Indian construction industry. Their highly evolved products, such as doors, are the key reasons for their reputation. Our partnership with the brand has allowed us to increase the value of our projects in more ways than one.

Fratelli Poggi, Italy

Established in 1923, Fratelli Poggi pioneers in supplying blocks, slabs, tiles and finished works of Roman Travertine to construction companies across the world. Thanks to modern sawmilling and fabrication plants, complimented with state-of-the-art machinery and skilled work force, the company only manufactures products of the finest quality.


Smartomation, a founding member of the KNX Association National Group, India, is the first company to introduce a complete EIB/KNX residential project to India. It is the country’s only company in the building automation industry which draws parallels from the aerospace industry to create smart, intelligent and robust design solutions.

Feal Progetti, Italy

Reputed for reinforcement cutting, bending and their steel bar machines, Feal Proteggi is another of Suvilas’ Italian partners. A torchbearer of quality for three decades, the company epitomises high performance, durability and optimal price-quality ratio for reinforcement equipment.

TATA Steel, India

Tata TISCON is a premium rebar brand from Tata Steel - the largest steel company in the Indian private sector and the 6th largest in the world. Not only does it hold the laurel of being the first Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebar in the country, but it is also the only brand in India to be acknowledged as a consumer ‘Super brand’ for 2 consecutive years.

Olivari, Italy

Olivari boasts a century of expertise in the production of door and window handles made from brass, bronze and nickel silver. BioChrome®, an innovative and environmentally friendly chroming process, was patented by Olivari to eliminate the hazardous hexavalent chrome on brass by replacing it with trivalent chrome.

TOTO, Japan

TOTO is the world’s largest manufacturer of plumbing products and is known globally for its robust line of commercial plumbing fixtures and fittings. Toto’s unwavering commitment to quality, environmental consciousness and value-based products are some of the many reasons for our partnership with them.

Hitachi, Japan

The quality of the elevator system determines the degree of serviceability of a building. Hitachi elevators are designed to be the most efficient, economical and reliable. These elevators come with simple installation techniques and are also offered with the provision of customisation according to requirements.

Viega, Germany

The Viega Group makes uncompromising use of high-quality materials such as gunmetal, stainless steel, copper, brass and plastics. Qualified specialists, employing economically and ecologically viable manufacturing methods, carefully process these materials. Professional quality management, assisted by stringent guidelines, ensures a high standard of quality.

Lafarge, France

Lafarge is a French industrial company that specialises in four major products: cement, construction aggregates, concrete, and gypsum wallboard. The company is the world`s largest cement manufacturer with a strong presence in India since 1999.

Wurth, Germany

Würth focuses on the production of assembly and fastening materials, supplying customers in both the trade and construction sectors. The dedicated workforce and corporate philosophy at the Wurth Group are the driving forces behind the company’s long-standing success.


Technogym from Cesena, Italy, was founded in 1983, and claims to be a world leader in the wellness and the fitness field. Technogym devices are used on an International platform for major gyms and sports club such as: Scuderai Ferrari, Chelsea, Milan, Vasco da Gama. Technogym’s strategic position means developing user-friendly, stylish equipment for various population targets (including beginners, aged, sports enthusiasts and users with specific pathologies). Suvilas decided to partner with Technogym due to the quality and standards that they follow and maintain.


Horizon is a European-Indian joint venture with more than 10 years of experience in delivering automation solutions to luxury residential, hospitality and commercial buildings. Horizon develops solutions utilizing the latest technologies, which entertain and afford greater comfort. 
As a custom installer certified to the standards and processes of CEDIA, Horizon specializes in systems integration for high-end audio and video, home cinema, lighting controls, energy management and integrated security.