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Suvilas International And Domestic Events

International Branding

Dubai - World Trade Centre

1st - 3rd December 2015

Our 9th International Property Show participation at World Trade Centre - Dubai.We will showcase our signature project Suvilas Royal Gardenia and upcoming project Suvilas Palms.

Visit us on stall - S-11, at WTC Dubai Hall 1 & 2 to know why we follow 100% European Construction Standards.

USA - New Jersey /Texas/California

12th - 27th April 2014

We are eagerly anticipating our upcoming trip to America, which will be our 7th international event at Suvilas. We look forward to sharing our ideas and our passions with new people and conveying a new perspective of the construction industry.

Visit us at:

New Jersey, Edison Hotel – 12th & 13th April, 2014
Texas, Dallas Market Centre – 19th & 20th April, 2014
California, Santa Clara Convention Centre – 26th & 27th April, 2014

Dubai - World Trade Centre

19th - 21st December 2013

Dubai was the setting for our 6th Property Show. As we left, we were content in the knowledge that we had conveyed the essence and passions of ‘Suvilas’ to those who visited. Well-equipped with our magazine, both edition 1 and 2, we were able to demonstrate our brand’s core components to the upmost; quality and transparency within every element of operation.

The event was a great success as we met 69 people and planted the seed of Suvilas.

International Branding

Abu Dhabi - Emirates Palace

6th - 7th September 2013

Abu Dhabi, the capital and the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates, was the setting for our 5th Property Show. We took great pride in speaking about our in-house construction team, European Construction standards, legal department, engineering department and business development team which are all employed to deliver the best standard of quality possible.

The event was a great success as we spoke to 48 visitors.
Total visitors for Suvilas - 48

Singapore - South Indian Property Show

20th - 21st July 2013

Since Singapore is known for being a hub of luxury investors, it was only natural for us to visit the South Indian Property Show. We were honoured to be amongst such established names in construction and we were glad to bring our new approach to the forefront of the industry.

We demonstrated our ‘Quality at Work’ to 53 visitors.

Dubai - World Trade Centre

20th - 22nd June 2013

We were glad to learn that people in the market know us well. Adding to our customised stall was the Suvilas Magazine, which visitors had been requesting, price sheets and custom-made pens. These personal touches made our branding very distinctive and meant we could truly be ourselves.

Our total visitors for Suvilas came to 108.

International Branding

Doha/Qatar - Hotel La Cigale World Trade Centre

29th - 30th March 2013

It was a pleasure to meet everyone who came to visit us at Hotel La Cigale. We spoke with extensively with visitors about our company and the high standards that we always set and maintain. We also interacted with the other participants and gave them a brief overview regarding the European Construction Standards which we uphold.

Our visitors totalled 46.

Dubai - World Trade Centre

21st - 23rd December 2012

Our focus at Dubai was to convey the standards which we set for ourselves at Suvilas in our quest for absolute excellent. We spoke with our visitors about the benefits of following European Construction Standards and how we maintain engineering excellence at all times.

We spoke with 84 visitors.

Domestic Events

White Orchid Convention Centre - Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore

9th - 11th April 2015

Branding Suvilas for the first time in a Bangalore property show. Visit us as we showcase Suvilas at White Orchid Convention Centre at White Orchid Convention Centre - Manyata Tech Park

Leela Palace - The Black Tie Event

14th December 2013

It was an honour to attend the grand Black Tie event at the Leela Palace, Bangalore on the 14th December. It was such a remarkable event with over 100 guests discussing the European Construction Standards.

JW Marriot -The Black Tie Event

30th October 2013

After a successful event at The Sheraton, our second event was hosted at JW Marriot in our home city of Bangalore. We presented Suvilas as a company and announced our projects to the sixty hand-picked guests.

Domestic Events

The Sheraton - The Black Tie Event

28th September 2013

This event saw the launch of Suvilas as a brand. It was extremely successfully organised with a selected gathering in attendance. We focused on showcasing our European Construction Standards which redefine construction standards for the industry in Bangalore.

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