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Luxury Real Estate and Property Development Company

csr initiative

united we stand

For us, every man is equal and we have a uniform dress code to advocate this belief.

Performance begets training

To enable our team to perform to the best of their ability, every person is given adequate training on the correct use of modern technology sourced from around the world.

Safety first. Always

Building homes is not only hard, but often dangerous. We have made it mandatory for every person to be dressed in the suitable safety equipment on site.

Making the workforce secure

We have always desired to create a happy and secure workforce, and therefore, we offer insurance and healthcare benefits to every worker to generate a sense of security and belonging.

Shaping the future, of our future

At Suvilas, we’re not only concerned with the well being of our employees, but with that of their children. We are working towards offering free education to the children of those who dedicate their time and life to our company.

Democracy at work

We exist because of the dedicated group of people who work with us. We put them before everything else. Every person has the freedom and right to voice their opinions about every issue or subject.

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